After all, ignorance is Buy OSRS gold

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After all, ignorance is Buy OSRS gold

I actually agree with a lot of what's being said here. I don't like Black Desert. Is that if they include botting to Runescape and layout around it, it's no problem. Kind of like how buying coins was an issue until Runescape inserted in bonds (market's been damaged however ).

If you truly don't care that you are being manipulated into giving away your money, then fine. Play Runescape. After all, ignorance is Buy OSRS gold bliss, and we largely play games to get entertainment.I do not care when JAGEX"requires" to generate income. They do not need to do it and there are dozens of other ways. They can sell makeup. They could make and market actual expansions (no, I do not mean like how Runescape 3 adds one town, I mean a legitimate expansion). They could sell XP promotes or benefit items.

Besides, you should not be concerned for their well - being. They should have to attempt better to keep you playing, if you decide they're not doing depart and enough. They're a business, not people; and businesses are designed to make money.This is a partly accurate description of why folks bot.

It has nothing to do with my argument. Rs gold is the sole sport (besides EVE online) that I've seen using a botting problem. Every match has found a way but Runescape has failed to fix that problem.

You still do not get there are ways to get this done than drop rates. I prefer the"evaluation of skill" solution, but I know why you wouldn't like this, because you've got none. Here's a simple solution I have seen implemented with good sucess, without making Runescape a grindy mess such as Runescape.